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New York City

Student Group Tours

Students see the world differently and educators want to ensure that young minds absorb all that traveling can provide. If your high school choir or band group wishes to expand the horizons of students then let Goodspeed create a group tour to meet your goals and fit your budget.  Play soccer against a school in Rhodes. Perform a concert on a ship in the Mediterranean. Go behind the scenes at the BMW factory in Bavaria. Learn Arabic phrases in Casablanca. This is true extracurricular learning! 


Music & Culture Tours

The value of music in understanding foreign culture cannot be measured. Our world is divided by philosophy, language, religion, wealth. Yet music has the ability to leap over the fences; to break down the barriers. Listen to a local musician, appreciate the artistry of the performance and you will have an instant friendship. Or bring your choir to a foreign audience and you will open doors and windows. Goodspeed brings your group to venues where the musical experience connects audience to performer; stranger to friend. 

Salzburg Cathedral

Church Group Tours

Goodspeed creates unique group tours  for your church group or congregation. Visit with Church leaders in Rome; perform in the Salzburg Cathedral, watch the sun rise from the Wartburg Castle in Germany, take communion in a Portuguese chapel overlooking the ocean or attend the Passion Play 2020.  Your group tour will focus on the wishes of the church leaders and the itinerary will incorporate off-the-beaten-path and back-door opportunities for the congregants. 

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Egypt & the Nile

Egypt Pyramids


Join our Egyptologists and travel back in time to explore Egypt by Steamboat and its mighty Nile and magnificent monuments, the beguiling desert and lush delta, and with its long past and sand-covered tombs, austere pyramids and towering Pharaonic temples.   

Photo credit:   Mohsen Othman

Germany & Bach


The music of Johann Sebastian Bach has inspired generations of music lovers for its unparalleled genius in craftsmanship and its deeply spiritual affect. Bach’s great art was practiced in both quaint towns and major urban centers in Germany




Towering mountains, glittering lochs, thick woodland and miles upon miles of golden beaches - Scotland's landscapes really will take your breath away. Tour the rolling hills and lush farmland of the Lowlands and drive through deep glens surrounded by mountains 

in the Highlands.




Ireland is a stunning country with its breathtaking landscapes and fascinating, friendly people, whose lyrical nature is expressed in the warmth of their welcome. 


New York City


Enjoy a broadway performance of such as The Lion King or Wicked.   Visit one of New York’s finest museums, the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Enjoy ice-skating at Rockefeller Center or shopping along 5th Avenue. Listen to a classical music concert at Lincoln Center with the New York Philharmonic.




Discover the beauties of Croatia, its climate, a heavenly blue sea and beautiful beaches.  The island-speckled coastline is indisputably its main attraction.